Using Athenian as one of the tools in your belt for improving your software delivery highly depends on the type of engineering culture you have. Here is a checklist of 6 prerequisites we believe are needed to succeed at using Athenian for Continuous Improvement:

There is a culture where the team performance matters more than the individual.

  1. There is a culture where the team output and performance is judged, not the individual.
  2. A team works towards a common goal e.g. we're going to be shipping the new billing feature to our customers in the next 2 sprints.
  3. There is a culture of continuously improving software delivery, you can see this by DevOps best practices being implemented such as Continuous Integration and Delivery.
  4. The team works in some form of an agile manner, especially incorporating blameless retrospectives
  5. One on one's are used by the managers to identify how to lift people up, identify bottlenecks and help the team improve.
  6. Teams are encouraged to constantly learn and improve, and supported through time and resources (e.g. paying for conferences or books)

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